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WEB SMS Pricing

We maintain a single charge for all Greek networks and always provide the best quality, without hidden charges.

Get 20% Off your first purchase.*

* The Discount applies to purchases of up to 1000 SMS.

SMS Prices without VAT  
Number of SMS Cost / SMS (€)
100 - 999 0,049
1.000 - 4.999 0,046
5.000 - 9.999 0,042
10.000 - 49.999 0,038
50.000 - 99.999 0,036
100.000 - 199.999 0,034
More than 200.000 Contact us

100% Direct Routing

The Smsbox guarantees to you that all SMS routes you send are direct.

You can be sure that your SMS will be delivered on time and with the sender ID you set.

Calculate the total cost of the SMS (€) you are interested in. Country:
Amount of SMS
Price without VAT
Price with VAT 24%

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