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How successful was your Bulk SMS messaging?

Learn More from Delivery Reports.

  • Saving Money

    Find out which phone numbers are inactive and delete them from your lists.

  • Make sure of important SMS Messages

    Find out if a phone is turned off and try to communicate with it later.

  • Check your campaign efficiency

    Get a detailed picture of how successful your advertising campaign is.

Delivery Reports

All the information you need to know about each SMS sending.

What you want to know at the end of each Bulk SMS sending, is how successful the SMS advertising was.

All the information about each outgoing message is in delivery reports.

In the reports you can find: the number of SMS messages that were delivered, what the delivery report is sent out and what is missing, as well as the ones that failed.

With this information, you can make your future campaigns even more efficient while saving money!

The 3 SMS states in the delivery report

Delivered messages

This characterizes the SMS messages that have been delivered to the customer's mobile. According to surveys, 97% of these messages are opened and read within 4 minutes of receiving .

Sent messages

This characterizes the SMS messages which are sent to the mobile network but delivery reports have not yet been received. The most likely reason is that mobile phones are turned off or out of network coverage.

Failed messages

These are the SMS messages that were not delivered to mobiles. The mobile number that the message is sent is usually removed, so the 'failed' status is displayed immediately. Also if the number is active but the mobile is closed for more than 2 days then the message is lost and the status changes from 'sent’ to 'failed'.