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Options to Pay for SMS

3 available methods

SMSBOX offers you the following options to pay for sms :

1 Debit to a bank account

You can pay by debit to a bank or by web banking to the following bank accounts: Piraeus bank, Eurobank and National bank of Greece. After the payment you should inform us by email or fax about the payment (write us your username or order number, bank name, amount) in order to add directly the sms messages to your account.


Account number: 5765-083853-535
IBAN: GR4401727650005765083853535


Account number: 0026.0472.10.0100248404
IBAN: GR4002604720000100100248404


Account number: 48951750701
IBAN: GR6401104890000048951750701


Account number: 660.00.2310.045237
IBAN: GR0801406600660002310045237

2 Credit/Debit card

The payment by credit or debit card is done using Piraeus Bank system (Paycenter). Thus payment by card has the reliability offered by the bank. In any case we do not have access to personal information of your cards. The sms you buy this way are available immediately after the payment.
To pay by card, after you have entered your account, select 'Buy SMS' and then enter the number of sms you wish to buy. You can see the final price and then click 'Continue'. After that, click 'Pay by card' and you will be forwarded to the Piraeus bank system where you can enter your credit/debit card info. When the payment is complete, you will be transfered to smsbox.gr, where you will be informed about the result of your transaction and you will have available SMS messages in your account.

3 PayPal account

If you already have a PayPal account, you can pay easily with it. Again you select 'Buy SMS' from your account and then enter the number of sms you wish to buy and press 'Continue'. Then just click on 'PayPal' link, login to your PayPal account and accept the payment. The SMS messages will then be available.