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The ingredients

Sednder ID

The sender's ID informs the customer about who sent the web sms.
The sender's ID can either be up to 11 latin characters or up to 13 digits

Personalized sms messages

You have the option to send sms messages whose text can change regarding the recipient.
For example instead of writing each recipient's registration number one by one, you can type %fd% and the sms message will be send to all the contacts you have chosen.
This way the symbol %fd% will be replaced by the registration number (or the content of the extra fields that you have filled in your contacts, in a group).

The size of the sms message

The text of the sms message can include up to 612 greek or latin characters. The size of the text for 1 sms message can be up to 160 characters. If you want to send a longer text then you can send up to 6 sms messages that will be combined at the user's device.

Bulk SMS

Bulk sms sending is an extremelly easy service to use (especially with the system smsbox holds).

In order to send bulk sms messages you will only need three things.

The list with the phone numbers of the recipients

The list can have one of the following formats: xls, xlsx, txt and csv.

The ID of the sender

This is the name that the recipient will see in order to recognise that the message has been sent from you.

The text of the bulk sms

This is the text through which your clients will get informed about your upcoming event, any new product you have or your offers



The sms message will be sent by the time you press the "Send sms" button. If you wish it to be sent at a different time you can schedule the sending for later on.

Credits (sms) of your account

Before sending a bulk sms message, you should ckeck wether you own the required number of sms credit in your account. If not, the sms message will be delivered only to the amount of the phone numbers that your account can cover

Correct content

The content of the sms messages that you send is the most important ingredient of a succesful bulk sms campaign. Pay attention to it and you should not hesitate to ask us for help if you face any difficulties

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