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Terms of use

Smsbox.gr bulk sms messaging service provider, offers its services under the following terms of use:


The user of smsbox services should read carefully the terms of use and use the services only if he fully accepts the terms. If the user doesn't agree with the terms of use, he should not make use of the services, otherwise it is considered that he accepts them. Smsbox.gr may alter the terms of use by displaying a notice on its website. Users should read the changes and if they continue to use the services, it is considered that they accept the modified terms.

Smsbox.gr provides to the users services for easily sending bulk sms messages to any mobile network subscriber in Greece and other countries. With the registration each user can send 5 free sms to test the service. In order to send more sms he should buy sms credits.

The user has the responsibility to access the web pages of smsbox.gr website.

Users are exclusively responsible for the careful usage of their account. Also, members should immediately notify the smsbox.gr for any possible unauthorized use of their account.


The services of smsbox.gr concern bulk sms dispatch to mobile subscribers of many countries mobile networks.

Since services depend also on collaborating companies, smsbox.gr can not fully guarantee the delivery of all sms to the mobile phones. However, every effort is given for the immediate and proper delivery of all messages.

The sms delivery reports also depend from the collaborating companies. Smsbox.gr provides delivery reports for all sms messages that are dispatched by its web service. However some reports may not be sent in smsbox's system by the collaborating companies, therefore they will not be available by the end user as well.

Smsbox.gr cannot guarantee continuous and without errors functionality of its services. If a problem arrised, the user can communicate with smsbox.gr in order to examine and solve the problem.

Pricing of messages

The charge of messages is done by sms credits. The credit price is listed in the price list. In general the sms credit cost can be altered, as other companies are involved in our services as well. Smsbox.gr tries for the facilitation and the interest of user, provided that it is feasible, to have the same cost at all networks of each country. There is the same cost (1 credit per sms) to all Greek networks and so the term credit has been removed the website.

Smsbox.gr has the right to make changes on the price list without warning. At any time the current prices will be those that are listed in the price list of smsbox website. If a user has available sms messages at his account and the prices are increased, he will still have the same number of sms available. That is to say for the messages he has already bought there is no change by possible increase of prices.

There is no date of expiry for sms at user's account. This means that the user is not obligated to use his sms up to a certain date. However he has not the possibility to take back the money of his acount's sms cost, but only if smsbox.gr decides the interruption of its services.

After payment, the legal notice of payment is issued within the time set by law. Invoices issued by smsbox.gr are available online and users can download their invoices through their account. It is their own responsibility to download and forward the invoices to their accounting department. We inform the user by email and when logging in our service that there is an available invoice.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

User can login to his account, make an order and purchase sms credits. The user is not obligated to pay even if he makes an order. If he has paid the sms credits are readily available at his account, and if he make use of the service, is not possible to return the payment amount. Return can only be done if the user has not made any use of the service he paid for. You can submit your cancellation request by email or phone. Your request will not be considered valid unless you receive confirmation email from our billing department. The confirmation email will act as proof of the cancellation of your service.

Deontology of members

It is reciprocally acceptable that the content of sms messages, belongs in the exclusive responsibility of the person which has the account and which writes the text of message. That is to say the user is exclusively responsible for the all the sms messages that he sends, via the smsbox.gr's service.

In no case smsbox.gr is responsible for the content of sent sms messages.
The user of our services has the obligation to confirm with the rules and the provisions of the Greek, European and International justice and the relative laws that conditions telecommunications services. Also he has the obligation to abstain from any illegal and abusive use of the content and services of smsbox.gr web servise.

Indicatively, it is forbidden to send messages which:

  1. They impede the smooth operation of smsbox.gr services with any way
  2. It is able that anyone can be induced regarding the identity of sender, he imitates any legal or individual person or he sends false details about his identity
  3. They are undesirable from the recipient or constitutes any other form of undesirable promotion of content (spam)
  4. It is able to cause damage at underage youths in whichever way
  5. They are defamatory, threatening, abusive, offensive, vulgar, they violate the personality and the personal data of other persons
  6. They violate any right of intellectual property
  7. They harass with any way the private life and socially rights of other persons
  8. They violate the European Data Protection Regulation (GDPR 2016/679)

In the event we will be notified that any sms content violates one or more from the terms above or in the event that there is accusation from an sms recipient for violate these terms of use, smsbox.gr has the right to investigate the account by which the sms have been sent and if it is considered essential, interrupt the account's operation, without pay to the account holder the cost of the sms credits that are available at the account.

Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy describes SmsBox policies and procedures on the collection, use and disclosure of your information.

SmsBox receives your information through our Web Site (smsbox.gr), SMSBOX App, APIs, and other “Services”. When using any of our Services you consent to the collection, manipulation, storage, disclosure and other uses of your information as described in this Privacy Policy.

If you have any questions or comments about this Privacy Policy, please contact us at info AT smsbox.gr.

Personal privacy information

Smsbox.gr does not provide mobile numbers, so that they are used as recipients of sms messages from the users of its services or for any other intention. Smsbox.gr will not communicate in any case with the recipients of sms messages, neither will give their mobile numbers in third persons. The only communication that can be done is between smsbox.gr and its users, if this is judged essential.

In the case of purchase of sms via credit card or PayPal account, smsbox.gr does not have access to personal data of user (credit cards details - PayPay credentials). With the redirect method used, all of the processing of these data is made exclusively by PayPal. In the case of purchase with deposit at a bank account, smsbox.gr has access only to the information that is provided by the bank as proof of the transaction.

The management and protection of personal data of the users is conditioned by these terms and the relative provisions, of the Greek Right (Law 2472/1997, 207/1998. 79/2000 and no. 8 Law 2819/2000), as well as the European Right (95/46/EK and 97/66/EK).

The personal data that smsbox.gr stores to provide its services, is the following:

  • Username
  • Password
  • User email and mobile number
  • Address, city if user enter this info
  • Invoide data if user enter this info
  • Delivery reports and sms text
  • Draft sms
  • Mobile numbers of recipients

These personal data will never be given to third persons (with the exception when it is predicted by the law, only to the qualified authorities). Smsbox.gr stores the sms text that are sent as it is predicted by the relative legislation and in order that users have access to the delivery reports and to the history of their dispatches. Smsbox.gr can communicate by phone or by email with its users, if needed (eg if a problem occurs or to inform them about a new service).

SMSBOX.GR handles the data of its users in a secure manner, as defined by the new regulation (GDPR 2016/679). Whenever necessary, we use cryptographic and pseudomonasation techniques. We ensure the confidentiality, integrity and resilience of our data. The data is on Hetzner's servers in Germany.

Our users are able to access and correct their data and they have portability right if requested. They have the option to completely delete their account. They can also oppose the processing or request a limitation of the processing of their data.


The GDPR is the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) across the European Union. It starts to apply from 25 May 2018, although it has been adopted by the European Union (EU) Parliament on 14 April 2016.

Its objectives are to offer EU citizens a unified and understandable approach to privacy in the European Union.

It lays down rules concerning the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and rules on the free movement of personal data.

It seeks to strengthen the rights of citizens to protect their data.

The GDPR is a regulation and is supposed to replace Directive 95/46 / EU. This is a fundamental change from the former data protection framework that was a directive.

Οn the basis of the new regulation, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), SMSBOX.GR updates the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy. We give you even greater security and transparency in your data. We clearly describe you how to use them and the controls you have on your personal data. With the further use of SMSBOX you accept the new terms of use.

SMSBOX Android App

SMSBOX App has access to phone contacts. Access to phone contacts is required for sending sms from your application.

When you first install the application, you will be asked to allow smsbox app access your phone contacts. If you consent, the app will have access to contact information in your address book on the devices you use.

Also, the SMSBOX App can view network connections and can have full network access.


Cookies are small text files containing information which is sent from smsbox.gr server and stored on the hard disk of the visitor. Sending of cookies executed when visiting smsbox.gr. The data stored in cookies may include the selected language of the user, the type of computer and other information like this.

The cookies no way can cause damage to the computer or the files stored and do not have access to other data of the user. With cookies we cannot reveal your identity but may be used to identify your computer.

Cookies can be deleted by the user himself whenever he wants. The cookies utilized by smsbox.gr so that the visitor will have a better user experience and for statistical purposes. Our goal is to improve our service. For example a cookie saves the language selected by a user, so that the next time he visits our website, it appears in the language he had chosen.

Smsbox.gr website may use the following cookies on your browser when you visit our website:

  • PHPSESSID: used by PHP to keep track of sessions (session)
  • _ga , _gat , _gid: used by Google analytics to distinguish visitors
  • smsbox-accept-cookies: set to true if we have visitor's contest to store cookies (2 years)
  • lang: used to remember the visitors' selected language (session)

For the functionality of live chat widget (onWebChat), the following cookies may be used:

  • accept-cookies: set to true if we have visitor's contest to store cookies (2 years)
  • onwbchtexpress.sid : It's the identifier for your current onWebChat session (session)
  • io : keep socket.io session (session)
  • onwbchtclientid : It is a unique id so that onWebChat can identify visitors (1 year)
  • onwbchtsessionrandom : A random number used to identify visitors (used only on some browsers) (1 year)
  • onwbchtblocked : It is used to store if this visitor is blocked by an operator (6 months)
  • onwbchtSound : It is used to store sound On/Off preference of the visitor (if the visitor visit again this website or opens a new tab) (3 months)
  • onwbchtlastvisit : The last date visitor visited this website (3 months)
  • onwbchttimesVisited : How many times a visitor has visited this website (3 months)
  • inChatC : A flag indicating if this visitor is currently chatting. (4 hours)
  • hasTriggeredC : a flag indicating if a trigger has been shown (only when using triggers) (4 hours)
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