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HLR Lookup service

HLR Lookup service provides you with exact information, directly from the mobile phone networks, about each individual phone number that you want to track. These information consists of: the country the mobile phone belongs to, the network provider that the mobile phone is registered to and whether the mobile phone is active or not.

  • Validity of the phone numbers

    With the HLR system you can check whether every individual mobile phone number is valid or not and whether it belongs to a foreign country or not (roaming).

  • List cleansing

    With the HLR service you can remove every invalid phone number.

  • Save money

    With the HLR service you can save money from the Bulk sms messaging by removing all the invalid phone numbers.

The HLR Lookup service is very simple to use

All you have to do is to upload the list with the phone numbers that you want to check.

You run the HLR Lookup service for these phone numbers.

You check the delivery reports of HLR Lookup.

At the end of it you can easily download in excel format the results and remove from your list all the invalid phone numbers.

What there is to know about HLR Lookup service

There is a low cost for the service

Due to the fact that we pull a request directly to the mobile operators, in order to use the service you will be charged 1 cent for every phone number you check.

When to use the service?

It would be wise to use the service before you send sms messages to a long list that you are not sure if the majority of the phone numbers are valid or not (ie an old list). In that case it would be cost-effective for you to run the HLR Lookup service and remove the invalid phone numbers.

Find out the user's network

With HLR Lookup, in addition to whether or not an account is active, you can also find out which network the user's phone belongs to.