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Web sms

Our advanced Bulk SMS service gives you the opportunity to send sms messages to your customers easily and efficiently.

Delivery Reports

Find out how many and which messages were successfully delivered after each Bulk SMS sending.

Send SMS through API

Our SMS APIs are designed to be convenient and easy to use.

HLR Lookup

Find out if your phone numbers list are active or invalid and save money by avoiding sending SMS messages to invalid phone numbers.

We are using only Greek Routers. This is why we are confident that we provide you top quality Bulk SMS services.


Send Bulk SMS in which each individual customer receives a SMS message with personalized details, such as his/her name. You also have the options: SMS Opt In and SMS Opt Out.

Send Web sms via Android app

Send bulk sms when you are out of the office with the new Smsbox Android app.

Save 20% extra sms with your first purchase.*

* The offer is valid for purchases up to 1000 sms.

Send Viber Messages

Send bulk Viber messages through the Smsbox service and take advantage of their new features.

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