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Help to send bulk SMS

On this page you will find instructions on how you can easily use our bulk SMS service. Registration is free and there is no fixed fee for using the service. You will also receive 5 Free SMS to try it out.

Follow the 4 simple steps to see how the Smsbox Bulk SMS Service works.

1st Step


The first step to sending bulk SMS to your customers is to create a Smsbox account.
A laptop showing www.smsbox.gr website (showing creating new account page to send bulk sms)

To create your account you will need

We will need a mobile phone for the account manager.

We may contact this phone in case we need something from you.
In this email we will inform you about your documents (receipt or invoice) after each SMS purchase.

2nd Step

Buy Web SMS

Before you make your first bulk SMS you will need to purchase the SMS.

SMS stays in your account and are available until you send them in all, without any time limit.

After each SMS purchase, we issue electronic documents (receipt or invoice) which are available in your account in pdf format to download them.

The bulk SMS market can be purchased:
  • By bank deposit or web banking
  • Credit card
  • Via PayPal

20% extra SMS with your first purchase. * For all purchases up to 1000 SMS

  • Bank building

    Accounts in all greek major banks

    We have accounts in the largest banks in Greece, so you are not charged when transferring money.

    Adding SMS immediately

    It is important after each deposit to notify us by phone or email or fax or finally through our live chat system, in order to add the SMS to your account.

    See the bank numbers you can deposit here

  • Credit cards

    Credit payment

    Payment by credit or debit card is made in cooperation with Piraeus Bank (Piraeus Paycenter). This ensures the security and reliability offered by the bank.

    SMS are automatically added to your account and does not require any further action from you.

  • Paypal logo

    Convenience and security

    If you have a PayPal account you can easily pay with it. SMS will be available immediately after your payment.

Blog for SMS Marketing

The success of a bulk SMS marketing campaign depends on two factors, the system from which it will be made and the content.

Open Blog

Read how to make your promotions more efficient (SMS marketing)

3rd Step

Send SMS

To send bulk SMS you will need 3 things, the sender, the text of the message and the recipients. Read more about them below.

A mobile demonstrating web SMS (sender and message)

Sender SMS

The first item you need to fill in a bulk SMS is the sender.

The sender will appear on the recipient's mobile phone. This is what someone will read before opening the SMS.

The sender's field can contain up to 11 Latin characters or up to 13 digits.

If the 11 characters of the SMS sender are not enough for your business name , you can start the text of your message by writing who you are. Alternatively, you can close the SMS with your name and contact details if it suits you best.

A mobile phone demonstrating a bulk sms

Text SMS

The text of the message can be up to 612 Greek or Latin characters. The charge is double for messages from 161 to 306 characters, triple from 307 to 459 and quadruple from 460 to 612. The characters: €, [,], {,.,., ^, | and \ "charged" as 2 characters.

In the text of the SMS you can also include links to your website, or the social media page . A good practice is to reduce the link before entering it in the message so that it does not occupy many characters. Bitly is a free online application that can do this very easily. You can find it by clicking Bitly.com.

A man keeping a cell phone showing a SMS marketing message in to

SMS Recipients

The recipients of the SMS can be selected by you in 3 different ways . A) Type or copy up to 1000 characters. B) Upload excel, txt or csv files with your contact numbers. C) Click a contact group you have created.

Type or copy

It's the fastest and most direct way to add recipients of a message. It's the ideal way to send bulk SMS to a small number of recipients.

Upload file at the time of sending

Sending a bulk SMS from a file is a very easy process. The only thing you need to watch out for is the recipients' phones. of the message to be below each other and not exist headers at the beginning or other texts in the column with the phones. The supported files are .xlsx, .xls, .txt, .csv. We recommend the above way when you have a system that frequently updates your clients and then you have to export these phones.

Send to contact group

It is possible to create groups in Smsbox and then you can send messages to them or to group members. Of course, you don't have to type the phones one by one when making a group, but you can upload your contacts from a file. The option to send SMS through groups will be useful when your contacts are not changed often or when you want to access them from different PCs or mobile phones. Finally, there is the possibility through our android application on to easily upload contacts to a group.

4th Step

Delivery Reports

On the page ' delivery reports 'you see the last 100 bulk SMS sendings you have made. The sending date, the number of messages and the cost of each sending are displayed.

In the delivery reports you can see in detail all the SMS of this session.

Delivery reports should be checked a few hours after sending messages and you could clear your contact lists from phones that are inactive.

The HLR service will also help you clearing your contact lists. For more information you can see our HLR service.

Advanced Issues

The messages being sent at time you press the "Send SMS" button. If you want to be sent at another time in the future you have to schedule them.

You can schedule SMS to be sent at any time you want.

Scheduling is as easy as "Send SMS". The only difference is you have to specify the time.

The time messages being sent is very important when you doing SMS marketing . Read the following excerpt from the article "8 tips for effective SMS marketing"

You definitely don't want to bother customers. So, send SMS too late at night or early in the morning is not a good idea. It has been found that the best times to send SMS are between 12-2 noon or late afternoon between 6-8.

Personalized SMS allow you to avoid the impersonal bulk SMS, where all messages have the same text. With Personalized SMS, the recipient will have the feeling that the message he received has been written for him.

How do you send personalized SMS?

In order to replace the name / adjective / field for a message you must first create a group in which the data you want to be 'automatically pulled from the system' will be stored (name, surname, field).

To send personalized bulk SMS you must send them from a group.

In the text of the message write the characters % fn% where you want it to appear the name, % ln% where you want the recipient's last name to appear and % fd% where you want the other field to appear.

For example if you have the following contact in one of your groups: 6912345678 Nikos Papageorgiou collaborator and send to 6912345678 the text message:

"Dear Mr.% ln%, we wish you happy birthday ..." will appear on the recipient's mobile number 6912345678 as follows: "Dear Mr. Papageorgiou, we wish you happy birthday ..."

* The SMS charge is the same. You just have to pay attention to the characters that the message will eventually have after replacing the name / surname. So if a message is longer than 165 characters will be charged as 2 (long SMS).

Single SMS has a size of up to 160 characters, but this should not necessarily be considered a weakness.

Small SMS size makes it short, concise and leads recipients to open it and most importantly to read it.

A good practice, since most phones are now "smart" is to include a link that may contain additional information from those of your message.

Important, at this point, is to make sure the text of the SMS is autonomous and makes sense on its own, regardless of whether someone will open the link.

Before putting the link in the SMS, and since it is not the home page of your website, it is good idea to reduce the link with a free tool like bitly.com .

If a recipient of your messages no longer wants to receive SMS you can remove it very easily using Blacklist.

Blacklist is a special group. Blacklist you add the phones that no longer receive bulk SMS from Smsbox , no matter how you do the bulk SMS campaign (file, group or individual mobiles)

This saves a lot of time and you don't have to search the lists or groups to find the recipient's mobile phone that he does not want to receive messages and then you have to delete it.

By removing the phone from Blacklist, the recipient will normally receive the SMS again.

Personal pages can help you comply with the European GDPR Regulation.

Allows you to get your customers consent if they want to continue receiving SMS from you (SMS Opt-In) or if they no longer want to be informed (SMS Opt-Out).

Using the Opt-in page

To add the opt-in page as link to your SMS, write % link1% . The results of those who respond positively are saved in a special group starting with the prefix "GDPR".

Using Opt-out page

To add the opt-out page as link to the SMS page, you just write % link2% . The results of those who do not wish to receive messages are saved in the BLACKLIST group.

Easily Upload Your Contacts

You can easily upload your mobile contacts to a group in Smsbox with the help of our new android application.

Then you can send bulk SMS to them with just a few clicks from the Web or Android App.

Download the App for free or learn more about Smsbox Android App .

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