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Advantages of smsbox

Here is where eveything is gatherd

  • Reliable and fast sms message delivery

    The sms messages are being sent through greek routers so that there will be no delays during their deliveries but also to have the right sender ID.

  • Sending with rate at 10.000 sms/minute

    Smsbox has optimised the way you send sms messages, therefore you are able to sent bulk sms messages to even longer lists without any additional delays.


    Usind the HTTP API of smsbox you are given the opportunity to send sms messages either from the website or the application (on your desktop or your mobile phone). The only thing that you have to have is a little bit of development knowledge.

  • Single charges for the messages

    In Smsbox when you send 1 sms message, you pay for 1 sms message regardless the country that it is send to. Thus you can be sure that there are no hidden charges

  • Sms in Greek language, up to 612 characters

    You have the option of sending long sms messages, i.e. sms messages with content longer than 160 characters. These ones are send through multiple sms messages which are combined automatically at the users mobile phone.

  • Define sender's ID (up to 11 latin characters)

    Smsbox provides you with high quality services in the bulk sms sending field. It is up to you to define the ID of the sender, instead of the random characters that low cost services put by default

  • Bulk sending from your files

    You can send sms from different format of files like Excel files, Text files (.txt) or csv. Our system can load your contacts extremely easily

  • Sending from groups contacts

    If you wish to sent sms messages to your contacts using either a Personal Computer or your mobile phone, all you have to do is create a "Group" in our system. Then you can easily sent bulk sms messages without having to upload the contacts file again and again.

  • Draft sms

    You can save the text of the message as a draft and send it at any time in the future.

  • Personalized sms

    Send bulk sms messages that include each of your customers personal information, like their names, surnames etc.

  • Scheduled SMS messaging

    You can schedule the sending out of your sms messages at any time you choose. Scheduling is as easy as the simple message sending.

  • Detailed delivery reports

    Smsbox provides you with detailed delivery reports when you send bulk SMS messages. Learn how many and which ones of the messages you sent were delivered.

  • Export delivery reports to Excel

    You can export the delivery reports in Excel files so that you can edit them, for example you can remove the contacts that do not exist anymore.

  • Blacklist

    The "Blacklist" service is a very easy way to avoid messaging the clients that asked you to exclude them from your lists. Just insert their phone numbers to the "Blacklist" and they will never receive an sms from you again.

  • Removal of repeated phone numbers when messaging

    Our system removes automatically any phone numbers that appear twice during the messaging process. Thus, you are not charged twice and you avoid spamming your clients

  • No time limit for sms messaging

    In Smsbox there is no time limit up to which you can send the sms you have in your account. Now you can get the best out of our offers and get more sms for better prices.

  • Direct assistance

    The assistance we provide is just another reason why our customers prefer our services.

  • Cost of sms

    The prices of the sms we provide are some of the most competitive in the market.