Contact with your customers in 3 easy steps.

All you need is a device with internet access and your Smsbox account!

1. Create an Account.
You do not need more than one minute to create a new account in Smsbox.
2. Add your Contacts.
To make it easier for you, there are 3 different ways to add the phone numbers you want to send messages to.
3. Send a text Message
With this step you are now able to use the easiest, most economical and one of your most profitable advertising campaigns.


Web sms

Our advanced Bulk SMS service gives you the opportunity to send sms messages to your customers easily and efficiently.

Delivery Reports

Find out how many and which messages were successfully delivered after each Bulk SMS sending.

Send SMS through API

Our SMS APIs are designed to be convenient and easy to use.

HLR Lookup

Find out if your phone numbers list are active or invalid and save money by avoiding sending SMS messages to invalid phone numbers.

We are using only Greek Routers. This is why we are confident that we provide you top quality Bulk SMS services.


Send Bulk SMS in which each individual customer receives a SMS message with personalized details, such as his/her name. You also have the options: SMS Opt In and SMS Opt Out.

Send Web sms via Android app

Send bulk sms when you are out of the office with the new Smsbox Android app.

Save 20% extra sms with your first purchase.*

* The offer is valid for purchases up to 1000 sms.

Send Viber Messages

Send bulk Viber messages through the Smsbox service and take advantage of their new features.

Analysis of Web SMS

SMS Sender

Use your brand name as sender ID of your SMS so your client knows from whom the message is. The sender ID must be up to 11 latin characters long.

Personalized SMS

For example, if you type % fn% within the SMS, this will be replaced in the message with the name of each recipient. This way you can send personalized SMS.

SMS Text

The text size of 1 SMS can be up to 160 characters long, if you send it to uppercase. If you want to send a longer text then you can sent more SMS messages that will be combined at the user's device, allowing texts up to 612 characters long.

Web Links

You can include URLs from your website or your eshop in the SMS text. So your customers can click and see more information about whatever you want to keep them up to date.

Benefits of SMS Marketing

In a few words, “SMS Marketing” = Simplicity, Immediateness, Efficiency, Convenience and Low Cost.

  • Direct Advertising

    91% of the people in the Western World have their mobile phones to a point that they can reach it just with a hand waving.

  • SMS Reading

    97% of the people read the SMS messages within 4 minutes from the time they receive it.

  • Links Reading

    19% of mobile phone users click on an existing URL (link) in SMS, compared to 4.2% clicking on them when they receive them through emails.

  • Positive Response

    30% of those who receive Bulk SMS respond positively to the content of a campaign through this mean of communication, compared with the 4% that applies to emails.

  • Easy advertising

    The simplicity of web sms makes it the easiest ad anyone can make. All you need is a "direct" and "strong" text.

  • Better use of Social Media

    The combination of sms marketing with Social Media, multiplies the power of both and eliminates the weaknesses they have.

Don't You Have An Account Yet?

Click Here and Create One. 5 SMS messages for Free to test our service.

Why to use Smsbox service?


Because we offer really low prices of SMS messages in the Greek market. *

Especially if you consider that we offer top quality SMS services.

* For purchases over 5000 SMS.

Easy to Use

Because we run one of the most user-friendly SMS platforms.

It is just a few clicks in order to upload the file with your contacts and to send the SMS to your customers.

We never stop improving!


Possibility of sending SMS in over 80 countries of the world.

Our goal is to include all of them!


Over 10.200 customers are registered and pleased with our services.

They are the best advertisement for us.

87 M

Over 81 million SMS have been sent from our servers.

With this number increasing day by day!

Economic sectors related to SMS

Health & Beauty

Pharmacies, cosmetics shops, beauty salons, spa, hairdressers, gyms etc.

Retail Trade Stores

Clothing shops, accessories, tools, paints, electrical goods etc.

Associations and Organizations

Sports clubs, associations, associations of parents and guardians, political parties etc.

Provide services

Accountants, insurance agents, lawyers, engineers, physicians, travel agencies etc.

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